Allegra and I wish you a happy 4th filled with everything summer is supposed to be about. Allegra would like you to join her on a picnic!

Just remember that whatever you choose to do today, this may not be your cat’s favorite holiday. Unfortunately, my state allows neighborhood fireworks, and for the past week, they’ve already been going off all around us. Thankfully, Allegra isn’t bothered by them nearly as much as she used to be. If fireworks are an issue where you live, plan ahead so you can make the holiday as stress free as possible for you cats.

PetKeen has some great tips on how to keep your cats calm and safe during fireworks.

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  1. I hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th. Thankfully, and much to our surprise, after three nights of annoying fireworks our neighborhood, last night was the quietest of them!

  2. Happy 4th Allegra and Ingrid! They already started last night with fireworks in the neigborhood. Today we are expecing rain, so hopefully that will deter some of the revelers. Hope you get to enjoy some great tuna cakes Allegra! Stay safe!

    Theresa & Tasha (aka TNT)

  3. Lenny and I were just mentioning how much QUIETER it has been this year. I think all of our neighbors who used to set off fireworks for a week before the holiday moved out! We just had a few last night but nothing annoying. Thankfully Levi and Roary don’t mind them at all. Wishing you and Allegra a happy, safe and QUIET 4th!! xoxo

  4. Thanks! And Happy 4th of July to both of you, as well. Treats all around, yes? Marie and SapphoLily
    PS Sappho does not like the fireworks noise, which is illegal in our community and county, but still occurs. She likes the Pet Naturals (formerly Vermont Country Store?) Calming Chews for Cats, designed by a vet, natural ingredients, look and smell like a semi soft chicken treat, available on Amazon. I just give her a tiny piece of one at a time. Tonight, I will probably give her about 2/3rds of one, spread out over the hours leading up to the noise. Thank goodness this year she is a full time indoor house cat. I’ll stay up with her later than normal. Around midnight, my husband will get up and sit with her if the noise is really awful. Last year, we reroofed out house and the new tiles are bigger and thicker and all the underlays are high tech materials and our house is very, very quiet. We don’t hear rain! But the crack of lightning or fireworks, although muted compared to before, is still heard.
    These are available for cats, and there are versions for dogs and large dogs as well.

  5. 7:4:23

    Ingrid & Allegra,

    Both have a Happy July 4th, with lots of sun, picnics, rest, fun!

    Grayson, Milo, Hamish & Nancy

  6. Have a god 4th of July. We are just staying home today. It is illegal to shoot off fireworks in my town, but some people don’t pay attention to laws anymore.

  7. Thank you Ingrid and Allegra the same to you! I usually stay home with them I find they are relax when I am home.

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