What a difference a year makes! This time last year, I wouldn’t have believed it if someone had told me we’d be able to celebrate the holiday again without having to be afraid of other people. And while I’m not quite ready to partake in any  kind of celebration that involves a crowd, I am so looking forward to gathering with friends this year.

Whatever you choose to do today, please remember that this may not be your cat’s favorite holiday because of the fireworks. Unfortunately, my state allows neighborhood fireworks, and for the past week, they’ve already been going off all around us. Thankfully, Allegra isn’t bothered by them nearly as much as she used to be, but I still wish they wouldn’t be legal. If fireworks are an issue where you live, plan ahead so you can make the holiday as stress free as possible for you cats.

How to Help Your Cat Cope With Fireworks

Have a happy and safe holiday!

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8 Comments on Happy 4th of July 2021

  1. Happy 4th to both of you! I’m with you Ingrid about fireworks not being legal. I’ve been hearing them all week but I’m sure tonight there will be more. My cats seem ok with them but I’m not. The unexpected, sharp and loud sounds are really frightening to me. I have never liked fireworks even as a child because of the noise.

  2. Allegra those 4th of July cupcakes sure look yummy. If I lived near you and Ingrid, I’d be rapping on your door to plead for just one cupcake. But since I don’t, both of you have fun eating them and celebrating.

  3. Happy Fourth to you & Allegra. Thanks for the link. As always you are a source of important, helpful information. Fireworks are illegal here but there are always plenty of people who do it anyway. Staying home & close to Squirt. We have lots of music to soothe kitties ❤

  4. Hoping you have a safe and happy 4th and boy do those cupcakes look delicious!!! (As well as Allegra MOL!) We’re STILL home this year because Levi was neutered on the 28th and we are only 7 days into his recovery…..5 more days to go……we’re ready to lose our minds!!! xoxo

  5. Going for an ice cream strawberry sunday this afternoon with my good friend and her husband. Will be home with Tasha when the fire works go off. She hates them and goes to hide when they start going off. I’ll be home for her.

  6. Happy 4th! Fireworks are illegal here in our town, but it doesn’t stop people from shooting them off. Last night wasn’t too terribly bad, but I have a feeling they are saving them up for tonight. My husband and I are staying home and just going to grill some steaks.

  7. My human is happy to be able to gather with a small group of friends this holiday. At least until it gets dark enough for fireworks – then she is coming home to me.

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