Do you spend enough time laughing? I know I don’t. I was reminded of that last weekend when I went to see the Barbie movie. My friend and I laughed so hard through much of the movie, and it felt wonderful. And I realized I hadn’t laughed that much in a long time.

According to a University of Kentucky study, children laugh 30 times a day. Adults, on the other hand, only laugh 17 times a day, if that. Honestly, I don’t think I laugh that much on an average day – and that made me really sad!

Study after study has shown that laughter has benefits ranging from a stronger immune system to lower blood pressure to reduced stress. And it just feels good!

I’m determined to make more time for laughter. I love a good drama, but maybe it’s time to watch more lighthearted fare on the various streaming services. It probably also couldn’t hurt to not take life, and myself, quite so seriously. And of course, we’re already a step ahead of the rest of the world, because our cats make us smile and laugh every day, just by being their sweet, silly selves.

Are you laughing enough? If not, how are you going to bring more laughter into your life?

6 Comments on Sunday Quotes: Laughter

  1. I smiled today when I was watching Tasha sleeping with her head on her outstretched front paw. She is just so adorable !!! I wish I had taken a a picture of her like that.

  2. After reading this post, I think I need to see a funny movie too. I don’t laugh enough either. There have been way too many struggles lately that have prevented me from laughing and having fun.

    • Loved your wonderful share today, my five rescue kitties make me laugh everyday, when I talk to them & ask a question they say Hi or No when I ask them to do something lol Thanks so much

  3. You know too many people don’t smile , don’t laugh they always have a serious look toward themselves. My furry kids are always making me laugh or when I see a picture from Facebook with animals doing crazy things or someone sending me a joke or something. My sister told me a long time ago when she first received her kittens now they are 13 yrs old she came home and found the kittens hanging out in the closet on a hangar. MY Sir Tiger who is now 7 yrs old when he was a kitten he always made me laugh one day when he was a baby he bought downstairs a slat from my blinds that he broke off bought it too me and probably said see mom I bought you something I’d laugh so hard I never yell at my fur babies for doing things. I love my cats and the dogs that I did have for I always had depression they bring me right out of it.

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