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When long time reader Jackie Pasquini approached me about taking a look at the book her soul  cat Clarke wrote about his experiences at the Rainbow Bridge, I was intrigued. Clarke Kent Super Kitty Presents View and Reviews from the Rainbow Bridge answers some questions we all have about what really happens at the rainbow bridge.

Clark was literally found in the gutter, weak and sick. Thankfully, a good samaritan took him to a shelter, where he was cared for. It turned out that he kidney disease, anemia and a lump in the back of his mouth. Since he was too fragile to undergo anesthesia and the lump wasn’t bothering him, further diagnostics were not pursued. Several potential adopters were interested in Clark, but declined when they heard about his health problems. Not Jackie. Clark got to enjoy his new home with his sisters Amanda, Pumpkin and Sugar.


Jackie only got one year with Clarke before he went to the rainbow bridge, but, as she writes in the introduction, “Clark taught me so much, mostly about myself. … I always felt honored that I was chosen to adopt him and be his family.”


Clarke shares his journey to the rainbow bridge, and tells us what it’s like there. I was particularly touched by “The Railing,” a place where the animals can go to watch over their humans.

Featuring vibrant illustrations, this book may look like a children’s book, but it can also  be enjoyed by adult readers. Clarke’s exuberant purrsonality and his lovely “reports” from the bridge brought tears and smiles, sometimes at the same time. I thoroughly enjoyed this sweet book.

Clarke Kent Super Kitty is available from Amazon.


For continued reports from the rainbow bridge, you can follow Clark on Facebook.

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7 Comments on Review: Clarke Kent Super Kitty Presents Views and Reviews from the Rainbow Bridge

  1. The description of this sweet book brought me close to tears.
    Just placed my order.
    Cannot wait to read the book itself.
    Thanks, Ingrid, for the recommendation!
    I plan to read it then share it with a friend.

  2. I just read the preview of this book and it is beautifully written and very comforting. I’m going to order it. Can’t wait to read the rest of the book. Thanks Ingrid for recommending it!

  3. I pray that this is way it truly is. I want my precious Katie to be happy and well and I hope to see her again one day. She will forever own my heart.

    • I have always wondered who started the Rainbow Bridge idea. There is a place in Lake Lure, NC where someone built a rainbow bridge with lots of flowers. It is in a park with a flowers garden next to it. A lady did formed the idea when she lost her pet. The bridge is painted in rainbow colors with little paw prints that slowly disappear. There is a bucket of collars where people can use to put notes to their pet and hang it on the bridge. Apparently it is very popular, some people travel from different states just to visit and add memories of their pet. There are toys, letters, pictures, etc. I would like to visit one day but it is on the other side of the state.

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