Don’t you wish you were right there on that beautiful beach having a picnic with Allegra?

I used to always get a little melancholy on Labor Day. I’ve been a summer lover all my life, and Labor Day meant summer was coming to an end. But, as summers are getting hotter and hotter (and maybe, as I’m getting older,) I find myself looking forward to cooler weather. Already, the light is changing, and some of the trees are taking on that late summer look of not quite ready to change, but not as vibrantly green as they were earlier in the summer. So this Labor Day, I find myself looking forward to fall.

Allegra and I wish you a relaxing, fun-filled, purrfect Labor Day!

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6 Comments on Happy Labor Day

  1. Ingrid & Allegra,

    Enjoy your Labor Day holiday.

    As for the Fall in Wisconsin, am looking forward to it too. To me Fall is the best. With all the colors & cool nights. As for the global warming, I can’t take the heat. Takes the energy out of me.

    Hopefully, Fall is on the way?

    Grayson, Milo, Hamish & Nan

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