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Welcome to our Purrs of Wisdom Holiday Gift Guide – your one-stop shopping spot for all the cats and cat lovers on your holiday gift list! This year’s guide features our favorite products for cats and cat lovers. And even better: many of the companies featured are offering exclusive discounts to Purrs of Wisdom readers!

You’ll find gifts ranging from cat furniture to toys to art to products for your home as well as some gift ideas you may not have thought of. I can guarantee you that you’ll find something to delight every kitty and every cat lover in your life. And by buying these products, you’ll not only get some really wonderful gifts, you’ll also support small businesses, many of them run out of the owners’ homes.

So grab a cup of your favorite holiday beverage, and sit back and enjoy browsing our Holiday Gift Guide. To go directly to a specific category, simply click on that link.

The guide is best browsed with a cat or two on your lap.

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Cat Accessories, Furniture and Toys

Cat Ladder Feline Furniture
Hauspanther Collection from Primetime Petz
Sleepypod Martingale Calming Harness
Cheerble Toys and Supplies
Dezi & Roo
Meowfia Felted Wool Cat Caves
Sheer Fun for Cats
Catio Spaces DIY Catio Plans

Cat Art and Gifts

Triple T Studios
Paint My Pooch Custom Pet Portraits
Ask Your Cat Card Deck
Volana Kote Whisker Jewelry
Love and Above Cat Club
KittyCat Art Studio
Gemstone Cat Bracelets
The Velvet Cat
Raphael Vavasseur Art Prints
Custom Pet Portraits by Lili DiPrima
Portraits of Animals

Home and Health

PETLIBRO Rainbow Ceramic Fountain
Darwin’s Natural Cat Food
Basepaws Cat DNA Test
WorksSoWell 1TDC™

Books and Calendars

2024 Conscious Cat Wall Calendar
The Cat Who Taught Zen
Texts from Mittens Calendar
Little House Life Hacks
P.S. I Love You More Than Tuna
To Conjure a Killer: A With Cats of Cambridge Mystery
Personalized copies of Buckley’s Story, Purrs of Wisdom and Tortitude

Cat Accessories, Furniture and Toys

Cat Ladder Feline Furniture

Cats love to climb, which is why it’s important to provide plenty of options for them in the form of cat trees or shelves. The Cat Ladder addresses this need in a way that’s creative, functional, and beautiful – and their ladders work in spaces ranging from a small apartment to a large home. Available in six different sizes and wood finishes and three different color carpet choices.

For more information and to purchase, visit the Cat Ladder Etsy Shop.

Primetime Petz


The Hauspanther Collection by Primetime Petz caters to a cat’s natural instincts to climb, scratch, rest and play. Designed by Hauspanther founder Kate Benjamin, these affordable, easy to assemble pieces fit in with any decor. Celebrate your love of cats without sacrificing your sense of style.

For more information and to purchase, visit Hauspanther on Amazon.

Sleepypod Martingale Calming Harness


Walk your cat with confidence! Sleepypod’s Martingale Calming Harness is a two-in-one harness for walking and anxiety relief. This breathable walking harness for cats wraps around the body like a reassuring hug, helping to soothe fear and anxiety. The gentle martingale cinching feature provides more control of the cat while helping to prevent escape. Quick-release buckles at the neck and torso are adjustable for a more tailored fit. A removable clip light helps with night visibility.

For more information and to purchase, please visit

Cheerble Toys and Supplies


The humans behind Cheerble are passionate about creating easy to use gadgets and innovative products to CHEER PETS UP. From toys to litter box accessories to grooming tools, there’s something to make every cat happy. I highly recommend the Cheerble Ball and the Cheerble Wicked Mouse.

For more information and to purchase, visit Cheerble Products.

Dezi & Roo Pop-n-Purr


Treat your feline friends to a sensory delight with Dezi & Roo’s new Pop-n-Purr cat toys. These brightly colored plastic balls, designed to resemble candies and lollipops, are a sweet surprise for cats. Filled with Cloud Nine silvervine, they promise hours of enchantment. What sets them apart is their interactive nature – owners can easily pop them open to fill with their cat’s favorite attractant, making them interactive and customizable. Watch as these rolling toys become a cherished addition to your cat’s playtime. Allegra loves these, read our review of Pop-n-Purr here.

For more information and to purchase, visit

Meowfia Felted Woll Cat Caves



Give your cat the gift of premium comfort with a Merino wool cat cave from Meowfia. Each cat cave is carefully handcrafted from 100% all-natural wool by artisans in Nepal. Using an ancient fabrication technique called felting, every cat bed is individually molded using only soap, water, and pressure. Completely free from harsh chemicals and synthetics. Safe for your cat, your family and our world.

For more information and to purchase, visit Meowfia on Amazon

Sheer Fun for Cats


Sheer Fun for Cats is an interactive toy that stimulates your cat’s natural instinct to hide, hunt, stalk and pounce. Developed by a cat sitter, this patented versatile product makes old toys new again and keeps playtime interesting.

For more information and to purchase, visit Sheer Fun for Cats is also available from Amazon.

Catio Spaces DIY Catio Plans


Keep your cat safe and happy outdoors in a catio! It’s easy to build one using Catio Spaces’ award-winning DIY Catio Plans for a window, deck, patio or garden. Each plan includes a materials and tool list, step-by-step instructions, diagrams, and tips for a successful project. Save time and money by building it yourself or hire a carpenter. Catios can be painted and decorated to suit your feline’s fancy. Visit Catio Spaces’ website for photos and inspiring design ideas.

For more information and to purchase, visit Catio Spaces.

Exclusive 10% discount for Purrs of Wisdom readers: use code PURRS10.

Cat Art and Gifts

Triple T Studios


Shop Triple T Studios for cat inspired handbags, jewelry, and apparel for cat lovers. Shop for cat beds and toys for kitty too. Check out the new holiday cat towels, canvas bins and night lights to add a little happy to your home. Triple T Studios supports big cat conservation projects including Lion Guardians Project, The Cheetah Conservation Fund, Panthera, and select domestic cat non-profit organizations.

For more information and to purchase, visit

Exclusive 20% discount for Purrs of Wisdom readers: use code PURRSW20. Code never expires.

Paint My Pooch Custom Pet Portraits


Paint My Pooch is a specialized studio, focusing on custom pet portraits. Using a combination of hand manipulation and digital design techniques, their products transform everyday photos of pets into art. Their primary offering is their custom pet portraits, available in a variety of sizes and framing options to suit any interior space. In addition to custom pet portraits, their range also covers phone cases, pet blankets, and specially designed pet socks, all of which display the custom pet portrait you’ve chosen from your own photo. You also get the chance to approve the artwork before it’s printed. Whilst the name might imply a dog focus, they’ve become a go-to studio for custom cat portraits as well.

For information and to purchase, visit

Ask Your Cat Card Deck


It’s time to admit it – cats have life figured out way better than us. Now there’s a delightful way to tap into their endless genius with the brand-new Ask Your Cat deck. This vibrant, full-color card deck, a snarky distant cousin of the magical 8 Ball, serves up 50 witty responses to your everyday queries, loaded with pure cattitude. A portion of every purchase goes toward supporting non-profits devoted to helping cats. Register now on Kickstarter to receive special early bird discounts and exclusive rewards. The Ask Your Cat deck will arrive in early 2024.

For more information and to sign up, visit

Volana Kote Whisker Jewelry


Volana Kote (aka Jen Glick) is a Delaware based jewelry designer who creates gorgeous pieces incorporating naturally fallen cat whiskers. Jen has always saved her cats’ whiskers. “They bring good luck,” she says. She has also designed jewelry as long as she can remember, and one day, she started incorporating whiskers into her designs. Her gorgeous pieces range from necklaces to earrings to bracelets. She also offers keychains, cuff links and tie clips. Most pieces are available with a choice of different metals.

For more information and to purchase, visit Volana Kote’s Etsy Shop.

Love and Above Cat Club


Love and Above Cat Club is inspired by a love of cats that goes above and beyond. Their mission is to help you love yourself like you love your cat! Their line of self-care and extra-soothing products feature blends of organic and biodynamic flower essences. They also offer pillows, cat mats and toys, apparel and more, all handmade by cat lovers for cat lovers,

For more information and to purchase, visit Love and Above Cat Club.

Exclusive 15% discount for Purrs of Wisdom readers: Use code ALLEGRA15. Discount valid through December 15, 2023.

KittyCat Art Studio


Laura Anglemoyer, the artist behind KittyCat Art Studio, creates beautiful and unique handmade cat items ranging from ornaments to picture frames to food bowls and much, much more.

For more information and to purchase, visit KittyCat Art Studio’s Etsy Shop.

Exclusive 10% discount for Purrs of Wisdom readers: use code PURRS10 at checkout. Valid through December 31, 2022.

Gemstone Cat Bracelets


Handmade from genuine gemstones with a strong, sturdy quality stretch cord, and 8mm beads, these bracelets come in many different cat colors. Free US shipping on all orders.

For more information and to purchase, visit MoDeeCraft on Etsy.

The Velvet Cat


Handmade in Canada from soft velvet, featuring luminous eyes and floppy stuffing of polyester fill and some stuffing pellets for weight and posing, these cats come in a huge array of different colors and are sure to bring a smile wherever you place them.

For more information and to purchase, visit The Velvet Cat on Etsy.

Raphael Vavasseur Art Prints


Raphael Vavasseur has a unique way of capturing cats in all their beauty. His passion for and fascination with cats comes through in every painting. All of his paintings are available as art prints and ship worldwide in carefully protective packaging.

For more information and to purchase, visit Raphael’s Etsy shop.

Portraits of Animals


Artist and writer Bernadette Kazmarski has been painting custom portraits of pets for over 30 years, inspired by her own family of rescued cats. In addition to her custom portraits she also creates unique handmade gifts decorated with her feline art and photography like garden flags, totes, place mats, painted signs, votives, keepsake boxes, and more. And best of all, the feline models for her art and photos are not only real cats, but cats she has rescued and fostered in her 40-year career of rescuing cats and who supurrvise her daily to be certain she produces a quality item for you.

For more information and to purchase, visit Portraits of Animals.

Exclusive 15% discount for Purrs of Wisdom readers: use code PURRSOFWISDOM15 at checkout.

Home, Food and Health

PETLIBRO Rainbow Ceramic Fountain


The ultraquiet PETLIBRO Rainbow fountain features a sleek, modern design with a colorful rainbow top. It is made from ceramic and can be washed in the dishwasher. Quadruple filtration ensures fresh water for your cats at all times.

For more information and to purchase, please visit PETLIBRO.

Darwin’s Raw Cat Food


Darwin’s is a perennial favorite at our house. Their grain-free, raw food is 100% meat and does not contain any by-products or fillers. Ethically sourced human grade ingredients, formulated under the guidance of veterinary nutritionists, and always made fresh, Darwin’s does everything right when it comes to species-appropriate nutrition for cats.

For more information and to order, please visit

Exclusive offer for Purrs of Wisdom readers: Get 10 pounds of Darwin’s for $14.95. Use code PURRSOFWISDOM to take advantage of this special offer.

Basepaws Cat DNA Test


Have you ever wondered about your cat’s genetic background? Maybe you were curious what breeds might make up your rescue cat’s genes? Or maybe you’d like to know whether you should be worried about any genetic health conditions so you can be proactive about them? The Basepaws Cat DNA test answers all of these questions.

For more information and to purchase your test kit, visit

WorksSoWell 1TDC™


If you’ve read this blog for a while, you’ve heard me talk about 1TDC™ and about how much I like this supplement. I don’t use the term “miracle” lightly, but I am using it for this product. It reduces and maintains periodontal health and offers benefits for healthy joints, skin and coat. Give the gift of health this holiday season!

For more information about 1TDC™ and to purchase, please visit

Exclusive 10% discount for Purrs of Wisdom readers: use code KING10 at checkout. Discount good through December 31, 2023.

Books and Calendars

2023 Purrs of Wisdom Wall Calendar



It’s back by popular demand: The 2024 Purrs of Wisdom Wall Calendar is now available for purchase! To my knowledge, this is still the only calendar on the market that exclusively features tortoiseshell cats. Click here for more information and to purchase.

The Cat Who Taught Zen


This beautifully illustrated book about an old wise cat who goes on a journey to an ancient pine tree where infinite wisdom can be found. Along the way, he meets new friends: the hare, the magpie, the wolf cub, the monkey, the tortoise, and the tiger. What wisdom does the cat have to impart to his friends, and, perhaps more importantly, what does he still have to learn?

The Cat Who Taught Zen is available from Amazon.

Texts from Mittens 2024 Day-to-Day Calendar

The popular Texts from Mittens Daily Calendar is back for 2024. Get your daily dose of Mittens and the gang! The book, Texas from Mittens: The Friends and Family Edition features texts between the overly dramatic tuxie and the crazy cast of characters in his life, including Mom, Grandma, Earl the dog, Fiona the girlfriend, Stumpy the best friend, and Drunk Patty.

The calendar is available from Amazon.

Little House Life Hacks: Lessons for the Modern Pioneer from Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Prairie


Also from Angie Bailey along with co-author Susie Shubert, Little House Life Hacks (shown above with Angie’s tortie Janet) serves up life lessons from the popular TV series. This delightful book will entertain you with its humor and have you smiling and nodding your head as you remember scenes from the show.

Little House Life Hacks is available from Amazon.

P.S. I Love You More Than Tuna


This illustrated gift book for adults grieving the loss of a beloved cat will help readers through their pain without being saccharine, heal through laughter as well as tears, and offer empathy without minimizing the reader’s pain or needing to “fix” it.

P. S. I Love You More Than Tuna is available from Amazon.

To Conjure a Killer: A With Cats of Cambridge Mystery


In the fourth book in Clea Simon’s Witch Cats of Cambridge series, a tortie kitten leads protagonist Becca Colwin to a dead body. Beccax takes in the little tortie, who seems to have some powers of her own, much to the dismay of her three resident cats. These powers may help Becca discern friend from foe, solve the murder, and clear her name – with the help of her mystical feline friends.

To Conjure a Killer is available from Amazon.

Personalized Copies of
Buckley’s Story, Purrs of Wisdom, and Tortitude


Personalized and autographed books make wonderful holiday gifts, and I’d be happy to gift wrap and ship directly to the recipient for you. To order personalized, autographed copies of my books, please contact me via email.


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  1. Thank you Ingrid, for featuring Dezi & Roo! I have made several purchases from them, and my cats love their Pop-n-Purr toys, along with the Hide and Sneak Tunnel, Cuttlefish, Squid and Buzzer wand attachments, Wiggly Ball variety pack and the Silvervine. My cats play with all of these toys and I highly recommend them to your readers.

    I love to support small businesses, like the ones you have featured today, and I will be buying items from many of these companies soon.

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