Hi everyone, it’s Allegra! If you’ve followed Mom for a while, you probably know that she does not like it when people dress up cats. Actually, “not like” is probably putting it mildly. It’s one of her pet peeves, and I’m glad about that, because I wouldn’t want to be dressed up. I’m beautiful just as I am and don’t need clothes to enhance my beauty.

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However, apparently, even Mom isn’t immune to the cuteness factor of putting a Santa hat on me. I don’t know why, because she does such a nice job with photoshopping hats on me. Did we really need to go there?

Sadly, we did. When we got the adorable Santa hat toy in the mail the other day (thank you, Theresa!), Mom just couldn’t resist.

Really, Mom?

Needless to say, it only stayed on long enough to get the photo above. Then, this happened:


Okay, it was kind of fun to see the smile on Mom’s face when that silly hat stayed on me for about a second or two. And I’m having a blast playing with it, so it’s all good!

Kitties, have your humans ever tried to dress you up?

7 Comments on Allegra and the Santa Hat

  1. We never dress up Gigi, Freyja or Selina for any occasion.

    I don’t think cats enjoy being dressed up.

    Freyja, our large, long hair, dark faced tortie that looks like a Norwegian Forest cat (but isn’t), always looks dressed for Halloween with her intense stare. No costume needed 😉

    She looks like a mythical wild animal but is actually a “gentle giant”.

  2. Oh Allegra, you make a beautiful Santa if only for a couple of seconds. Now bat that bad boy around an have fun! Hope Santa brings you LOTS of nice presents this year! You are on his NICE List, {I’ve seen it.}
    Love ya sweetie!

  3. Allegra did look adorable for that nanosecond she tolerated her hat!
    I have pictures of my previous cats and present cat near/next to hats, but never on the cat. I even got one once with side ties made to go over the cat’s ears, and each year it graces the head of a tall cat sculpture in the hall, as the cats would disappear when I picked it up. One year, with my first cat, I even ordered 3 matching Christmas hats–real red and white hats made with very nice fleece–from LandsEnd and had one monogrammed for me, one for my husband, and one for our Piper, as the company offered them in pet sizes! Every year when I get them out, my husband laughs and says to the cat, “Run for your life! The hats are out!” and both he and she disappear. That’s our annual Christmas hat tradition. The Piper hat adorns a small cat sculpture in the great room. My husband’s goes on a shelf. I wear mine!
    All 3 cats over the years have graciously posed next to the hats.

  4. Well, you do look cute with your hat on, but I understand not wanting to wear it. I’m glad my mom doesn’t try dressing me up. She tried once and it didn’t go well. From what I heard, she used to dress up Kiki until your mom mentioned it’s not very nice. Your mom always has the best advice. Have a meowy Christmas!

  5. My husband enjoys making various hats for our cats, taking a cat in the hat a bit too far. It doesn’t matter if our females have sported berets and captain’s hats or if our males model a hair bow or nurse’s cap. He made an adorable creation with a pricey paper napkin once. It has no name but it was something to behold! Then there’s the glasses – aviators, sunglasses, the type of frames John Lennon wore….nothing is off limits. I hide my glasses now.

  6. I feel dorry for those cats that people take to Hallowen parties all dressed up. I do dress up my dogs for Halloween dog parties but I usually make the costumes. The clothes are removed as soon as picture is taken. They don’t get dressed up any other time. Your Mom could get some catnip and sew up the hat, another toy.

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