Is it just me, or has this year flown by?

Two years ago, Cat Love and Above Club founder Siena-Lee Tajiri shared a wonderful process to help you reflect on the old year, celebrate the good, release what no longer serves you, and think about what you’d like to create in the new year. I’ve used a similar process for the past few years. I enjoy the ritual of spending New Year’s Eve in reflection, releasing what I no longer want in my life, and focusing on what I’d like to create for the new year.

I love the blank slate a new year offers us. What will you write in your blank 365-page book for 2024?

Whatever your dreams, plans and wishes for the new year are, we wish you a year filled with health, happiness and purrs!

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4 Comments on New Year’s Eve Reflections

  1. The year has flown by and as you get older it is going too get even faster.. Happy New Years Ingrid and kids.

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