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Technically, my choice for this year’s Book of the Year is not a cat book, but it does feature a lovable cat named Ox fairly prominently, and there’s a wonderful back story to the inspiration for the feline character in the book.

I’ve been a huge fan of Katrina Kittle ever since I first read The Blessings of the Animals, a beautifully written and plotted relationship drama with multi-dimensional characters, both human and furry. I’ve since read all of Katrina’s books, and they’re all equally wonderful. Katrina is a consummate animal lover and mom to Annie, shown below, and a sweet Beagle named Serena.


Morning in This Broken World is set against the backdrop of the early days of the pandemic. However, instead of being a depressing and unsettling story, this book is filled with light and hope as we follow unforgettable characters through their personal struggles in the middle of what was arguably one of the biggest global challenges or our time.


If I had to sum this novel up with one word, I’d use “healing”. Somehow, Katrina’s thoughtful and uplifting prose gently guides the reader to look at a dark time in our collective consciousness in a different light. Be prepared to smile, laugh and cry, sometimes at the same time, as you immerse yourself in this powerful story.

Joey, the cat who inspired the feline character in the novel

For the wonderful story of the inspiration behind the feline character in the book, read Morning in This Broken World: How A Feline Soulmate Inspired a Character in A Novel.

Morning in This Broken World is available from Amazon.


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