When I first read the above quote, it resonated, but at the same time, I felt a little uneasy with it. As an empath, it’s essential that I protect my energy. But I also don’t want to stop caring, so it felt a bit selfish. However, as I thought more about this quote, I realized that being done is not the same as not caring. It’s about letting go of what I can’t control, and about taking care of myself.

Letting go of what I can’t control has always been difficult for me. So much of what’s happening in the world right now is so completely out of my control, and yet, I let all of it affect me far too much, to the point of allowing it to make me feel angry, sad or depressed. I want to be done with that.

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I stopped watching the news years ago, and that has made a big difference. I only get my news intake in small doses and from reputable sources that present the news without a lot of hype and clickbait headlines, and that’s enough for me. I changed the home page on my browsers from a news aggregator page to a blank page. I also take a complete newsbreak each weekend. From Friday evening until Monday morning, I don’t take in any news whatsoever, from any source. That practice has done wonders for my mental and emotional state.

So, in that context, I think the above quote is purrfect. Rather than getting angry or bothered by external events that are out of my control, I’m going to work at not letting my energy be affected by them.

Who’s with me? How will you protect your energy this year?

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16 Comments on Sunday Quotes: Protect Your Energy

  1. I follow the same practice as you with regards to the news. My husband does keep informed, which means I can always relay on him for anything I really need to know.

    There are lots of other ways I’ve learned to let go too. If a client chooses not to follow my guidance, a friend chooses not to forgive me for a mistake, a family member chooses not to care for their health, etc. I can care for others the best I can, but in the end it’s their decision of how to live their life, and I have to let them be.

  2. What is going on in this country and other parts of the world has me very worried. This situation is not one that I can be done with on any level. I have seen a YouTube video about what passports are best if World War III breaks out. I don’t think it will matter. Where can we possibly go and who will give us a passport from another country?

    BTW, there is a Tortie on The Farm YouTube channel. Her name is Kitty Rose and she lives with an orange and white cat Louie and 20 rescue dogs on a farm in Australia. One of my favorites and well worth watching.

    Annandale, VA

  3. I Keep up with the news, I want to know what is going on in the world.
    But I don’t get angry or depressed…..some friends were discussing this and one said it is important to “bear witness” …..
    So I do wha t I can in my own life to make it a better place, and I say
    “Let love and light and peace prevail”

    We each have to cope in our own way, and contribute to the light in the world.

  4. Very helpful, Ingrid.
    Thank you for the reminder. Often is harder to do than it looks.
    I feel like protecting my energy is critical self care.
    So much is out of our control. What you are talking about is really a radical act.

  5. Such a perfect quote! I never want to not care, and reading the quote and what you wrote, Ingrid, means I can always care, but just take myself out of the uncontrollable situation and avoid headaches etc ….. have a pawsome week!

  6. I totally understand about having to protect your energy! As a very highly sensitive person, I tend not to read the news very much because I get upset. I have a friend who shares the news with me. But also, I find that I have to limit contact with certain people and even sometimes end phone calls because of feeling drained. I only read books and watch films that are uplifting and that help me learn something. Some may say that I’m “burying my head in the sand” and being too avoidant, but it’s what I personally need to do. Thank you for sharing your experience!

    Laura C.

  7. I’ve become “done” with a lot of things lately. Just don’t have time in my life for a lot of it. I refuse to look at news online. I have it on the tv, in the background, in the mornings and if a story catches my attention, I will stop and watch. but most of the time, it’s just background noise for me. My husband likes watching.

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