I’ve always loved coffee table books. Browsing through a gorgeously photographed and illustrated book can be like a mini vacation, transporting you to a different world. And if the book features cats, so much the better. House Cat: Inspirational Interiors and the Elegant Felines Who Call Them Home offers a fascinating look into the lives of cats inhabiting stunning luxury homes.

Judy Garland; Interior Designer: Ghislaine Viñas; Location: Tivoli, New York
Judy’s home was built in the 1840s by one of New York’s most powerful dynasties, the
Livingston family. The Gothic Revival architecture is counterbalanced by an intricate layering
of more modern pieces that make the home’s interior both cosy and stimulating.

Photographed by Australian-born, New York–based lifestyle and interiors photographer Paul Barbera and author of Where They Purr, you’ll get a look at homes ranging from New York City penthouses to a house in the Hamptons to a tranquil Miami Beach apartment. You’ll discover each cat’s favorite spots, whether it’s sun puddles, priceless rugs, or breathtaking views.

Snowy; Interior Designer: Bunny Williams; Location: Canaan, Lichtfield County, Connecticut. The interiors, designed by Snowy’s owner, match the relaxed nature of this rural retreat. Indoor and out, every element of the design is considered—an ever-evolving love affair with a property for Snowy to explore at his leisure

I particularly enjoyed the Q&A sections at the end of each chapter, when we get to know a little about each of the cats. Diva or devoted friend? Lap cat or not? Old soul or kitten at heart? Lazy or active?

Pip; Interior Designer: Alyse Archer-Coite; Location: Poughquag, New York. Pip lives in a 1770 Georgian estate that was a tavern by the time of the American Revolution. Symmetrical and keeping many of its austere original details, the home can nonetheless be both cosy and relaxed, thanks to a playful design that in turns highlights and offsets the
architecture. Mid-century and modernist elements, and a large contemporary photography collection, coexist with period-appropriate antiques, while outside, neither the home nor the remote terrain surrounding it have changed much over three centuries.

This book is a true feast for the eyes that will delight cat lovers and lovers of architecture and interiors, and you’ll want to visit the featured homes and their cats over and over again.

House Cat is available from Amazon.


Cover image and interior images courtesy of Thames&Hudson, ©Paul Barbera, used with permission.

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  1. One of Jackson Galaxy’s book on Catification has these incredible pictures from people around the world in how they have catified their home.

  2. I need to get this book. I’m planning on changing my decor this year and this book will give me some inspiration and ideas!

  3. It amazes me to see the cat with all the plants in the room. I don’t even have 1 plant around because Tasha would eat it.

  4. This looks like my kind of book. I added it to my Amazon wish list. I had a laugh because they priced it at 34.95. Amazon’s free shipping has to be $35.

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