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If you read my sister Ruby’s post last week, you already know that she’s had quite a few adventures. Ha, and Mom thought I was a handful when I was her age!

Now that the Pettie campaign is over, I have more time for other things again, but I have to admit, I liked having such an important job. Maybe Mom could run for something else. I think Ruby and I made a great team.

Mom said she’ll have some new products for us to test soon. Bring it on – I’m ready!

The nice thing about not having to work so hard is that I have more time for play. My favorite game right now is playing with these little plastic springs. Mom plays that game with us every morning after we’ve had our breakfast. She tosses them for us, and Ruby and I chase after them. Sometimes we play with the same spring and bat it back and forth, but most of the time, we prefer to have our own spring to chase.

Of course, since they’re small and bouncy, they frequently disappear under furniture. Part of the fun of the game is to watch Mom try to retrieve them, even if she’s not very good at it. Usually, she just goes to the closet where she keeps some of our toys, and gets out a new spring. So I’ve had to step in and get some of the springs out from under stuff.

As you can see in the video below, I’m quite good at it – I managed to find not just one, but two springs under the stove!


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  1. Allegre-good morning. I have no doubt that you are good at finding those springs. I am quite impressed with your tenacity at getting out from under the fridge. Glad to see you writing today.

  2. Hi Allegra! I liked your story this morning. My Mom reads me your Mom’s blog when you and Ruby write. Those springs look really cool and u did a good job finding them! I hate it when my toys get stuck under the furniture too. Whenever I see Dad walking around with a yardstick I know he’s doing an “under furniture sweep” for my toys. I always follow him so I can help and keep him on his toes! Sometimes I fling a toy back under just to test him!
    Say “hi” to Ruby for me!


  3. Very happy to hear Allegra and Ruby are working as a team! I’ve never seen those springs but it’s amazing what we find under furniture etc. I’m convinced cats do this so we can get more exercise.

  4. Oh Allegra you have NO IDEA how HAPPY you have made me this morning! Your Mom’s blog was the first one that my Mom read of the day so far and she was sooo excited to see this!

    She had seen those little springy thingies on other people’s blogs before but no one ever had mentioned where to get them. Mom wanted to get them because she thinks I will like them! I want to see if I can carry them in my teeth like you do!

    Guess what? Mom went to Amazon and ordered THREE packs! She said some of the extras she will give to other kitties that she knows when she sees them.

    Thank you so much Allegra! You sure have a “paw” on what we kitties would like!
    You have made mine and my Mom’s day start off on a GREAT note!

    Love, your pal, Cody

  5. Good job Allegra. You need to come to our house and fish all the toys out from under things. Good to see you again. All of you have a really fun day.

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