Much has been written about the power of positive thinking and affirmations as tools to a better life. We may not be able to control the world around us, but we can control our thoughts, so why not choose positive ones? Another argument for positive thinking is that it sends out a happier vibration, and since most cats tend to pick up their humans’ energy, cleaning up your thoughts doesn’t just benefit you, it will also make your cats happy.

With I Create My World: The Power of Thoughts to Shape Our Lives, artist Connie Bowen has created a wonderful little book filled with affirmations and colorful, whimsical paintings. Even though the book is not a cat book, there are a couple of adorable cat paintings featured, which is why I decided to share this little gem of a book with you.

The book is aimed at children, and it’s a great way to introduce young children to the concept of positive thinking and affirmations, but I think adults will be equally delighted by this lighthearted approach to the topic. I can’t help but believe that the combination of the words and the colorful images create a positive vibration just by looking through this book.

“By repeating the affirmations in this book, we focus our thoughts on the highest vibrations of gratitude, harmony, and love,” writes Bowen in the foreword to the book. With an affirmation like the one above, accopanied by an adorable kitty, how could you go wrong?

I also love the affirmation of letting your light shine brightly ever day and the painting below. There’s just something so happy about the girl sitting by a sunny window with her cat.

I Create My World Connie Bowen

I Create My World is available on Amazon for Kindle. It can also be read on an iPad, iPod, or iPhone through the iTunes store. If you don’t have an e-reader, you can read the book with the Amazon Cloud Reader, which is a free download.

Connie Bowen has always loved to draw and paint, and she majored in art at Washington State University. She works in acrylic on canvas. I Believe In Me was her first children’s book. Inspired by her son Matthew, the book won the national Athena Award for Excellence in Mentoring. Connie also wrote and illustrated I Turn to the Light: A Book of Healing Affirmations, and she provided illustrations for The Sunbeam and the Wave by Harriet Hamilton. Connie and her husband Mike and son live in Portland. Oregon with  an Australian shepherd named Jesse and two cats named Brock and Carma. Please visit Connie’s website for more information about her, and stunning samples of her art.

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  1. I am fortunate to count Connie as one of my friends, and I can tell you she is every bit as magical as her artwork. I believe I was one of the first to purchase the I Create My World eBook, and it really is delightful. There is an illustration in the book of the “under the table family,” and it will truly make your heart smile!

    • Thank you so much, Chris! I truly appreciate your post! If you haven’t already checked out Chris’ latest book, “Forever Paws,” please do! It’s available as an ebook on iTunes and B&N and hardcover book on amazon. Her endearing style is evident in every page of this light-filled journey into the loving bond that exists with our companion animals. ♥

  2. My beloved sweet cat Kuching, who I rescued as a very sick kitten with Feline Leeukemia has left us at 12 years old. Her spirit was still strong and the doctors are amazed that she has lived healthy for so long. I believe that the power of thought and love gave her this long and happy life.
    I have a collection of Healing Jewelry for Pets that she wore and also drank Amethyst water.
    She had many dog friends for play and licking, she was loved by all. We were so lucky to have had such a wonderful life together.

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