If you read Allegra and Ruby’s New Year’s resolutions, you already got a hint that Ruby is not thrilled about having to share my lap with Allegra. I’ve often felt that in an ideal cat household, at least from a cat’s perspective, the number of available laps should be equal to the number of cats. Since this is often not the case, some cats have to learn to share human laps.

If Allegra jumps up on my lap first, I usually eventually end up with both cats sharing my lap – although only very grudgingly on Ruby’s part. I swear if cats could huff and puff, that’s what she’d be doing. If, however, Ruby is in my lap first, Allegra doesn’t stand a chance. Ruby will start to growl softly if Allegra approaches us, and Allegra, being a lover, not a fighter, walks away to curl up in one of her other favorite sleeping spots. But why don’t I let the girls tell you themselves.

Allegra: I love being in Mom’s lap. It makes me feel close to her, and it’s so comfortable.

Ruby: I don’t like you being in Mom’s lap!

Allegra: Sighs. I know you don’t, Ruby. And yet, you seem just fine about sharing Mom’s lap as long as I get there first. What is that all about?

Ruby: I’m not “fine” about it, Allegra! But if it’s the only way I can be in Mom’s lap, I guess I’ll share it with you.

Allegra: But why won’t you let me on Mom’s lap when you’re there first?

Ruby: Because it’s my lap! Mine!

Allegra: You know, Ruby, if I didn’t know better, I’d think that you worry that Mom doesn’t love you enough. You know don’t have to be permanently glued to her, she loves you no matter what.

Ruby: Well….but what if she forgets that she loves me?

Allegra: You’re so silly! Mom would never forget that she loves both of us.

Ruby: Really truly?

Allegra: Of course, little one!

Ruby: But I still don’t want to share her lap with you. Unless…

Allegra: Unless what?

Ruby: Unless I get tuna if I share!


Do your cats share your lap?

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22 Comments on Two Cats, One Lap

  1. I have two 5 year old female cats and they have never gotten into a fight over who was in my lap first they both will lay in my together.
    The only minor issue is allesandra my big girl has to lay right beside me and if poling got there first than ally will use her big size to move my little cat poling out of the way

  2. And I have 3! 2 beautiful young marmalade youngsters, a brother and sister and the a bit older Torbie. The two siblings are just little balls of purring sweet innocent love, while the Torbie has what you might call the tortitude. She’s a bit moody and independent and can get a bit pissed off! We are working it out but I try to give Norry special love and treats when Toby and Francis aren’t looking. 3 is hard but they came bonded together from the shelter and I love them all!

  3. I love your column (blog?). No, my cats do not share.

    Please stop using tuna as the reward at the end of the story. I know you can find something healthier – maybe turkey? I’m afraid novice cat guardians will think tuna is an accepted treat. Blessings light on the 3 of you.

  4. LOL, so adorable! We have one cat that will do a Ruby maneuver if my lap is occupied. Ursula will climb up on my belly and I have to support her so she doesn’t end up lying atop wee Annabelle. Eventually, Annabelle vacates and Urusula gets the prize.

  5. Only my Chubby will jump into. my lap. The others..Amanda, Pumpkin and Mikey are “next to me cats” and in bed my Sugar is glued next to me to be hugged and my legs are a free for all!!!

  6. Every evening, my two Golden Girls share my lap. I’m not sure if it’s because they want to be close to me or each other. 🙂

  7. You’re a lucky cat mom! My husband is the one who sometimes gets the privilege of Rocco taking a snooze on my husband’s outstretched legs when he’s relaxing in his Lazy Boy chair at night. (I think they’d both sleep there all night if I let them.) 😉 It’s a rare occasion that I get that lucky. But right now as I am typing this I’M THE ONE who has been given the privilege of squeezing myself into another chair to sit next to our cat while he sleeps. As long as I sit near the front, and don’t take up too much room, he will not jump off! LOL The things we do…

  8. I love your cats, and the charming banter, that you create, when you imagine what they are thinking..I read your column daily, and always have a little chuckle..Cats are my favorite thing in life..I’ve never met a cat I didn’t love!

  9. Cinder always sits beside me. Bootsie loves my lap and will share. Rainy doesn’t like anyone else to have my lap, but will share begrudgingly if Bootsie is there before her. Add our poodle and it’s an interesting life!

  10. Of my 5 cats, I have 2 that are really into my lap. One more that is occasionally, and the last 2, not at all. Of the 2 that are really into my lap, Tiger and Blacky, are a lot like the 2 in the story, one who is “MINE! ALL MINE! STAY AWAY!!!” and the other who is ok with sharing.

  11. Only Miss Kiki likes sitting on my lap and she will usually only give about 3 minutes worth of it. I miss the days when I would spend hours reading and Pono would sit on my lap the entire time.

  12. My kids do not like the lap they will sit on the side of me when I am in a chair or if laying down they will lay close too me on my side.

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