I limit my news intake to a bare minimum. I never watch TV news. I try to only check my trusted news sources once a day, twice at the most. But even with all those limitations, I still struggle with the constant flow of information. Whether it’s “just a quick peek” at a news site, or scrolling through my social media feed, I find that the energy from all that negativity affects the rest of my day far too much.

I’ve previously  mentioned how much of a difference Katie Krimitsos and her Women’s Meditation Network have made in my life.  I can’t recommend this resource highly enough. Guided meditations can be hit or miss. I find that if I don’t like the presenter’s voice or the background music, I won’t be able to relax into the meditation. I absolutely love Katie Krimitsos’s soothing voice. After listening to her meditations for the past few months, her voice can almost instantly transport me to a calmer state of mind.

A few weeks ago, I asked Katie whether she had ever thought about creating a meditation to help us cope with the constant onslaught of bad news. Her Information Detox Meditation turned out to be transformational for me. Not only have I been limiting my news intake even more since I started listening to it, I also find that I process the news differently. Instead of reacting with anger and outrage, I don’t let it affect me as much. As she suggests in the meditation, I can now read the information, and then let it all go rather than taking it inside.

I’ve also limited the time I spend on social media. “The news, the posts, the stories will all happen with or without you,” says Katie. Reminding myself of those words when I find myself tempted to “just check in for a second” has resulted in a tremendous energy shift toward a calmer and less fragmented mind.

You can listen to the Information Detox Guided Meditation here. I encourage you to subscribe to Katie’s meditations on Patreon. It’s the best $20 I’m spending every month.

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4 Comments on Sunday Quotes: Information Detox

  1. Katie, your meditations, especially the Information Detox, are part of my routine as I navigate post-surgery fitness. Mindfulness practices and focusing on proper nutrition through bariatric multivitamin supplements help individuals like me stay disciplined and motivated to maintain an active lifestyle.

  2. Addiction to the TV, Radio, and Social Media can put you on a trail toward questioning yourself and whatever information you’re receiving. If you want to know about a certain issue you can research everything for yourself, then you won’t feel as if you’ve just been sold a bunch of bunk. Just remember all these places you’re tuning into are the ones getting paid by whomever they work for, and that means their output is going to be put together by a company that has much more money than you do. Listen to music, read, study, and think for yourself; you’ll be a much happier, positive, learned person.

  3. I still watch the news in the mornings because I want to know what’s going on locally. But I turned off all news feed on social media from news channels. And if I do check one, for some reason or another, I don’t look at the comments anymore. They tend to have too much negativity and arguments between people.

  4. I stopped watching the News for it was too depressing and mind you I use too watch it all the time but for someone who is always depress it is better not too watch it.

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