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Travel, especially air travel, is stressful for cats and humans. For most cat parents, just the thought of having to take their cat on a plane provokes anxiety, but sometimes, air travel is unavoidable.

Choosing the right carrier is one of the key components of preparation. Today, we’re highlighting what I consider the best carrier for air travel currently available, aptly named the Sleepypod Air. But this innovative carrier doesn’t just make flying less stressful for your cat, it’s also a fantastic carrier for car trips, including trips to the vet.


Expandable for added comfort

The Sleepypod Air is adjustable to reduce in size to fit under the seat in front of you for takeoff and landing. Once the plane is in the air and the seat belt lights are turned off, it can be expanded to give your cat more space inside the carrier.


For car travel, buckles on the front and back secure the carrier using the seat belt in the rear seat of the vehicle, transforming the Sleepypod Air into a crash tested car seat.

Sleepypod Air features

  • Compresses to suit a variety of space restrictions.
  • Hook and Loop closures secure lid opening for use as a cat bed or cozy napping cave at home.
  • Double zipper for top or side entry, making it a great choice for vet visits.
  • Durable rip-stop mesh resists chewing and clawing.
  • Mesh panels enable ample airflow and facilitate visibility on three sides.
  • Folds flat for easy storage
  • Trolley pocket secures the carrier onto rolling luggage handles for convenient transport.
  • Large zipper pockets on front and back for pet travel essentials.
  • The removable Ultra Plush bedding is machine washable.
  • Luggage grade exterior.
  • Water repellent interior liner.
  • A removable panel provides shade, privacy, and protection from air vents or weather.
  • Safety tether eliminates quick pet escapes in public transit.
  • Adjustable shoulder strap with comfort padding and padded carry handle.
  • Ergonomic zipper pulls.
  • Included instruction card conveys dimensions for TSA or other airport/airline personnel.
  • Compatible with optional Warmer Kit and Assisi Loop Lounge™ therapy pad for Sleepypod Air.


The Sleepypod Air maintains the same strict safety standards as all of Sleepypod’s carriers and was put through the same safety testing that continues to position Sleepypod among one of the safest pet product manufacturers on the market. Sleepypod’s entire line of carriers is voluntarily certified with the Center for Pet Safety.

We received a Sleepypod Air for review several years ago. Even though I have no intentions of flying again any time soon, with our without Allegra, I keep it out in the open at all times, along with our Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed. Allegra likes to occasionally take naps inside.

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6 Comments on Sleepypod Air: Comfortable and Safe In-Cabin and Car Travel

  1. I watched the Sleepypod video, and I can say that I have never seen a better designed pet carrier. I would love to have one of these.

  2. The Sleeypod Air looks like a beautiful, well made carrier! I especially like the tether for added security. The optional heating pad is something my cats would enjoy in chilly temperatures.

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