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Traveling requires being organized, whether you travel with your cat or by yourself. You don’t want to forget anything that you our your cat may need. Whether it’s food and snacks, water, important papers, or a harness and leash, the Sleepyod Go Bag has a space for everything.


Go Bag features

This bag features so many clever little touches!

• 2 small pockets for smaller items
• 1 large padded pocket for essential documents, computer or tablet
• Lanyard for hanging items like keys
• Easy clean exterior imade of luggage-grade, ballistic nylon• Padded main compartment
• Top zip with double zipper pulls
• Tapered profile for comfortable cross-body carrying
• Structured design with flat base for stability
• Streamlined grab handle
• Adjustable shoulder strap with comfort padding
• Single zipper front pocket for easy access items
• 2 gusseted side pockets for items like beverage bottles or phone
• Utility ring for hanging items like a leash or flashlight
• Easy clean exterior is made of luggage-grade, ballistic nylon

Included with the bag

• 2 padded mini cubes with double zipper pulls for organizing travel essentials
• 1 insulated food bag


I love the Sleepypod Go Bag

Now more than ever, you need a single bag that can hold a lot of your travel essentials, especially if you’re flying, given the increasingly strict restrictions on what you can carry on a plane.

This bag’s design and versatility are truly outstanding. It’s large, but not unwieldy. It has a crossbody strap for comfortable carrying. It’s large enough to hold a laptop or tablet.

It makes a great emergency bag

In addition to making a great travel bag, the Sleepypod Go Bag can be used as part of your emergency kit. If you don’t already have one, this bag is a great tool to get you started. Put your cat’s medical records, vaccine certificates and licenses, and a list of medications, if applicable, into the bag. The food bag and mini cubes hold enough food and water for a few days. If your cat requires medication, it’s a good idea to keep enough to last for a few days on hand in your emergency kit. Consider adding a first aid kit to your Go Bag.

The Sleepypod Go Bag comes in seven beautiful colors. For more information and to purchase, please visit

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7 Comments on Sleepypod Go Bag: Designed for Pets, But Also Purrfect for Human Travel

  1. Yes i have one and it is wonderful, great for short trips. and just everyday errands and things. so many options.

  2. What a clever set perfectly designed to make travel with Kitty so much safer and easier. Well done, Sleepypod!

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