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When I saw the Snuffle Mat on Jackson Galaxy’s website, I had a feeling Allegra would like it. I didn’t expect her to like it to the point of becoming obsessed with it!

Snuffle Mat features

This mat is designed to provide mental and physical stimulation to fight boredom, encourage play, and even stimulate your cat’s natural hunting instinct.

Made from 50% organic cotton and sustainably sourced 50% polyester, the mat measures 22 by 15.75 inches. It can be machine washed in cold water and tumbled dried on a low setting.

All you have to do is bury treats or toys in the mat and let your cat have fun!


Putting the Snuffle Mat to the test

Allegra was immediately intrigued when I put the mat down. I hid some treats and it didn’t take her long to find them. Then I placed an assortment of toys in the high fibers of the mat.

I swap out the toys occasionally to keep it interesting for her.

The mat is designed to be used with treats, but Allegra seems to love it more when I use toys, or a combination of toys and treats.

She absolutely loves this mat! She goes to it several times a day. Sometimes, she’ll just rub her face against it, turning it into a nice scent soaker for herself.

I haven’t seen her get this excited about a toy in a long time. She sometimes even plays with it in the middle of the night – some mornings, I wake up to find the toys batted all over the living room.

The Snuffle Mat is available from Jackson Galaxy.

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10 Comments on Snuffle Mat Review

  1. Thanks so much for your review! I saw this mat on Jackson Galaxy’s website but was not sure about it. Now I’ll buy it.

  2. Companies must love Allegra !!
    She is their best advertisement.
    I wonder if they post your video on their website for the product.

  3. you know it’s funny, those used to be used for dogs. I had one for Dakota and he lost interest after 30 seconds lol. I ended up throwing it out. I never even thought to use it for a cat. That’s interesting! Hate to be Debbie Downer but did she try to chew the thingies? I would worry that Roary would chew on those. He tries to chew everything! (He’s also too fat for me to put treats in it) but I could use it to make him work for his kibble lol.

  4. Adorable! I’ve been wanting to get a snuffle mat for the girls for a while. I think they would also enjoy some silvervine or catnip on it too!

  5. Adorable! I’ve been wanting to get a sniffle mat for the girls for a while. I think they would also enjoy some silvervine or catnip on it too!

  6. Allegra is so cute playing with her toys on this unique mat and gobbling up those treats. I have never been able to interest my Tortie, Sophie, in treats. At age 10, it is fun to occasionally see her still chase a toy though.

  7. So adorable to see Allegra enjoying it! It looks like a good option for 2 of my kitties who lived on the streets and still seem worried there will not be enough food.

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