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Playtime is vitally important to a cat’s mental and physical health, and it’s especially important for indoor cats. Even though cats may sleep up to 16 hours a day, when they’re awake, they need stimulation, and the best way to accomplish this is with play. Play is nothing more than channeling your domestic tiger’s hunting instinct into play, so toys that stimulate that instinct are the best kind. The Ripple Rug Cat Activity Mat is a feline playground that meets all of these needs, and it’s a lot of fun for both cat and human.


Ripple Rug features

The Ripple Rug consists of two pieces of rug, with the bottom portion being solid, and the top portion featuring 14 holes of varying sizes. The top portion attaches to the bottom with velcro fasteners so it can be shaped into various 3-D shapes. The bottom rug provides a stable foundation, making it slip-free.

The Ripple Rug is designed with your cat’s safety in mind. The carpet is anti-fray and non-raveling so there are no small pieces coming off that your cat could ingest. The holes feature safety slits so they expand, and you can cut the slits further if your feel that they holes are still not big enough for your cat to fit through.

The Ripple Rug can be machine washed on a cold, gentle cycle. For spot clean up, simply  use soap and water. It comes in four colors: oatmeal (the color we have,) black, beige and mocha.


Putting the Ripple Rug to the test

I hid some toys under the top rug, and Allegra immediately went to town on “hunting” them down.

The first time I used it, I didn’t build very high ripples. The second time I put it out, I made the ripples higher, and used a wand toy to entice Allegra to play.

Allegra LOVES this rug! The Ripple Rug turned my 13-year-old senior into a kitten again. She can’t get enough of watching, chasing and pouncing.


I don’t leave the rug out when I can’t supervise her play. Even though the holes, even without the safety slits, are more than big enough for her to not get caught in one, I’m not comfortable letting her play with it without supervision. Besides, I’m  having so much fun playing with her, it’s therapy for both of us!

For me, this activity mat hits all the marks for a purrfect enrichment tool for cats.

The Ripple Rug Cat Activity Mat is available from

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  1. This looks like a lot of fun. I know Miss Kiki and Lulu would love it. I would be curious to know if it would bring the kitten out of Pele.

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