Hi everyone, it’s Allegra! If you’ve seen Mom’s Sunday post, you already know that she went on a short vacation for a couple of days. I don’t like when she goes away, and she doesn’t do it a lot, but I know humans sometimes need a change of scenery, and I know she had been looking forward to this particular getaway for a long time.

Usually, my Aunt Rita takes care of me when Mom goes away, but because she was dealing with some family issues that took up a lot of her time, Mom had to find someone else. I know she’d never leave me with anyone she didn’t trust 100%, so I wasn’t worried, but I know Mom was pretty stressed about the whole situation. She almost canceled her trip!


So one evening, a friend of Mom’s came over with her college-age daughter Olivia. Mom’s friend is a licensed veterinary technician with decades of experience in feline medicine, so of course, her daughter loves cats. She grew up around cats and she really knows how to take care of them. I already loved Mom’s friend, so I figured her daughter would have the same wonderful kitty energy – and sure enough, she does!

I know Mom was nervous about having someone new take care of me, but she shouldn’t have worried. Olivia and I became fast friends!

I was waiting for Olivia at the top of the stairs when she came over the first evening, and led her right to the kitchen. I was hungry! I ate all my dinner and took my meds like the good girl I am. Then Olivia just quietly sat with me for a while as we got to know each other better. I liked that she let me be with her on my own terms.

Is my dinner ready yet?

By the next morning, I eagerly welcomed her at the door, and after eating my breakfast, I let her pet me and purred for her. She was fascinated with the fact that I make biscuits with one paw only. It’s one of my signature moves!

Making one-pawed biscuits

I know Olivia sent Mom lots of photos of me and updates about what a good girl I was being, which I know gave Mom peace of mind so she could enjoy her getaway without worrying about me. Okay, I know she probably still worried a little bit, and I know she missed me. I sure missed her, but I also know that she was happy in that place she went to, and I want Mom to be happy.

But let me tell you, when Mom finally got home, I didn’t leave her side for the rest of the day!

Mom is home!

Aren’t I a lucky girl? I now have two people I love who can take care of me if Mom ever goes away again, which hopefully won’t be for a good long time.

For some tips on how to choose a cat sitter, read Coping with Separation Anxiety When You Have to Leave Your Cat.

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6 Comments on Allegra’s World: New Cat Sitter

  1. What good girl! I too have anxiety when leaving my 3 babies, Joey, Chandler & Phoebe but they seem to appreciate us so much more upon our return ! No one cares for them as you do but it’s great to hear that you found someone who eases your mind and I hope you enjoyed your vacation!

  2. Allegra, so good to hear you have a new trusted cat sitter. Oliva sounds like a keeper. But then there’ no one in the world like mom.

    • I hope your Mom got a well deserved vacation, even though I know you were never out of her thoughts. It was so nice of Olivia to keep your Mom updated. So when Mom came home you became a very clingy gal.

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