If you’ve read this blog for a number of years, you’ve heard me talk about the maple tree outside my bedroom window and how much it means to me. We planted it when we first moved into this house, more than 39 years ago now. I’ve watched it grow into a beautiful, mature tree. This tree has been with me through a lot of life – through both joyful and challenging times. Each fall, it’s one of the last trees to turn. It used to turn the most incredibly bright, vibrant red.


In recent years, it’s turned more of a rusty color than the deep read it used to be, but it’s still stunning. The beauty only lasts a day or two, and on those days, I make sure I spend time sitting by the window and just taking in the glorious color of my tree.

You can read more about my maple tree here and here.

Even if you don’t have your “own” maple tree, I encourage you to heed the quote above and take some time to savor this beautiful season.

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6 Comments on Sunday Quotes: Turning Leaves

  1. Leaves don’t really change colors in my area. Yesterday, my husband and I took a drive to see his mother in east Texas and some of the leaves seemed to change a little bit more out that way. But, it’s nothing like up north. I loved when I lived in New York. The trees were so beautiful.

  2. I love the Maple Tree when they change colors they are beautiful. In fact when I first got married and I am not now my background was at me Mom’s house. Glad I still memories from that.

  3. Dear Ingrid,
    Thank you for your lovely quotes & excellent writing. Reading you for years. You’re knowledgeable and a beautiful soul. Xx

  4. Ingrid,
    I read both past writings about your special maple tree and your wonderful painting. They brought tears to my eyes. What a great idea to have a painting of all of our cats. Yours made me want to do it too!

    • Bernadette is certainly the right artist to do a painting like that if you decide to go for it, Marilyn. That painting is one of my most treasured possessions.

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