Who doesn’t love a great deal? I like saving money as much as the next person, but at the same time, I find myself feeling uneasy with the relentless focus on consumption that Black Friday, Cyber Monday and assorted other “shopping holidays” emphasize. Conscious shopping helps me make better choices and still find great deals.

I debated not doing a Black Friday post at all this year, because I know everyone’s inbox has been bombarded with Black Friday deals for at least a week now, but I know that you rely on me to let you know about great products for cats and their humans. Maybe you’ve had your eye on a particular product for a while, and there’s a good chance it may be on special deal right now.

But before we jump to the deals, a few words about how you can be more conscious and mindful about your holiday shopping (and shopping in general.)

Conscious shopping

  • Know what you want. Don’t mindlessly scroll through every Black Friday sale offer landing in your inbox. If there’s a brand you love, or a particular product,  check to see whether it’s on sale. I’ve kept a small list of things for the past few weeks that I will be checking on today.
  • Keep sustainability in mind when you shop. I’m willing to pay more for products that are produced sustainably, or from brands who have clear sustainability practices such as carbon-neutral shipping or a low or no waste policy.
  • Set yourself a budget. This should be obvious, but it can be easy to lose sight of when you’re bombarded with super low prices.
  • Beware of BOGO deals and other freebies. I fall for them all the time, but when you end up doing the math, they’re usually not great for your wallet. And let’s face it, how many times do you really need two of anything at one time?
  • How low will you go? Don’t lose sight of how retailers are able to offer some of their seemingly impossible low prices. Somebody has to make these products, and the lower a price goes, the less likely it is that the workers who made the product were paid a living wage.
  • Support small businesses as much as you can.

A few Black Friday (and beyond) deals for you


Most of the companies featured in our Holiday Gift Guide are small businesses, often run out of the owner’s home. By buying from them, you know you’ll be supporting someone who is passionate about the products they offer. Many of them are offering special discounts to Purrs of Wisdom readers through the end of the year, and may have even deeper discounts this weekend. Visit their websites (listed in the guide) to see what they offer.

Are you planning on doing some Black Friday or Cyber Monday shopping? What are you planning to buy?

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