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In December, Allegra reviewed the Cheerble Wicked Mouse and gave it four paws up. We loved it so much that we added it to our list of 5 Best Cat Products of 2023. She was super excited to get to review Cheerble’s newest offering, the Wicked Snail.

This snail-shaped toy zips around in surprising ways, keeping your cat guessing and engaged. It features two modes, Gentle and Normal, so you can adjust it to your cat’s play style. The twinkling LED lights add an extra fun touch.

Wicked Snail features

  • Flexible & unpredictable movement
  • 2 speed modes
  • Flashing LED lights
  • Automatic obstacle avoidance
  • Rechargeable

Putting the Wicked Snail to the test

Allegra was immediately intrigued with the flashing tentacles. When they say the snail moves in surprising ways, they’re not kidding. That snail has some moves! Most of our house is carpeted and the snail works well on carpet, but it really goes crazy on hard floors.

Just like the Wicked Mouse Plus, this toy is clever and well made, and deserves our Seal of Approval.

For more info about the Cheerble Wicked Snail, visit Cheerble Products.

*FTC Disclosure: This review is sponsored by Cheerble, which means that I received the product at no charge for the purpose of the review. I also received a fee to feature the product. Purrs of Wisdom is an affiliate partner of Cheerble. This means that if you decide to purchase through any of our links, we get a small commission. We only spread the word about products and services we’ve either used or would use ourselves.

7 Comments on Review: Cheerble Wicked Snail

  1. I have the wicked mouse and wicked ball, both are great entertainment for my furfriends. Just remember to pick them up before bed and turn them off!!!

  2. I ordered the Wicked Mouse Plus and the Wicked Snail. Both my cats showed interest. Unfortunately, the wicked snail was unstable on the carpet and fell over often. To its credit, it got back up and continued – but it frightened both cats. It did better on the wood floor. The Wicked Mouse Plus remains a constant favorite. I love the lights (so do the cats) and it really goes – keeping my cats attention.

    Customer service was impressive. My concerns were immediately addressed. The follow-up was excellent. I’ve had these toys for 3 weeks or so & my cats go crazy.

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