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I’m always looking for products to keep Allegra entertained and engaged, and after watching a friend’s cats play with the TRIXIE Fun Board Cat Activity Center, I just had to get it for her. And I’m so happy I did!

TRIXIE Fun Board Cat Activity Center features

This activity board stimulates a cat’s hunting instinct. You place treats in the various parts of the board, and your cat has to work at getting them out. The different modules have varying degrees of difficulty.


The board measures 1.75″ x 15.5″ x 3″. The description says that it’s ideal for small to average sized cats weighing 6 to 11 pounds (Allegra weighs 10 pounds.) I think it would work for larger cats as well, but that probably depends on the cat’s dexterity level. The board is made from food safe materials and is BPA, lead and phtalate free. It can be placed in the dishwasher.

Putting the TRIXIE Cat Activity Board to the test

It didn’t take Allegra long to figure out the alley and peg modules. The globe module is a little more challenging. She has a different globe treat puzzle that she has mastered, so I have no doubt that she’ll eventually figure this out.

I haven’t tried the tongue module for her (the square openings above the tunnel.) That module is designed to be used with liquid treats or even just with water.

I hide toys in the tunnel element, and she likes to reach in and grab the toy and pull it out.

The board is meant for interactive play. While I suppose you could just dump some treats on it and let your cat play by herself, it’s so much more fun to play with her. When we first started using it, I had to sometimes guide and encourage Allegra to get the treats. I didn’t want her to get frustrated if it took too long. As time went on, she got faster and faster about figuring it out herself.

So far, this activity board is holding her attention, which makes both of us happy.

The TRIXIE Fun Board Cat Activity Center is available from Amazon.


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3 Comments on Review: TRIXIE Fun Board Cat Activity Center

  1. I bought a couple of Puzzles for the cats they never touched it. How do you teach them how too use them.

    • You start out really slow and make it easy for them at first. With this puzzle, I started by placing treats on the very end of the various modules, toward the front of the board so that Allegra could have a “success” experience. She caught on pretty quick. Also, since I play with her, I would move a treat closer to her paw when she couldn’t get it after a few tries so she wouldn’t get frustrated.

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