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We’ve reviewed plenty of air purifiers over the years, but the UAH Pet Air Purifier is the first one that was introduced to me as specifically designed for pet parents, so I was intrigued to compare it to the other air purifiers we have in our home.


UAH Pet Air Purifier features

  • True H13 HEPA Pets Pro Filter for 3 -stage filtration
  • Electrostatic cotton filter design to capture more pet dander and reduce the need for frequent filter replacement
  • Wide-grid Inlet Design to tackle floating pet hair
  • UVC Sterilization with a 99.9% sterilization rate
  • Effectively removes allergens like Fel d1
  • Professional Modified Activated Carbon for odor removeral
  • Silent operation <35dB
  • 362m³/h circulating air for rapid purification of approximately 162 square feet in 1 min, achieving whole-room ventilation 5 times in 1 hour (for a 387 square foot room)
  • Maximum coverage up to 1900 square feet


Designed to capture Fel d1

I was particularly intrigued with the claim that it captures Fel d1. Fel d1 is the primary allergen present on cats. It is a secretoglobin protein complex produced largely in cats’ saliva and by the sebaceous glands located in their skin.

Putting the UAH Pet Air Purifier to the test

This is a heavy duty, large air purifier (see photo at top with Allegra for scale!). It was easy to set up. Simply remove from the box, remove the filter to take it out of the plastic wrap, reinstall the filter, attach the power adapter, and plug it in.


The air purifier’s control panel is easy to operate with a light touch. It features an air quality indicator, fan mode adjustment, and a child safety lock feature.

When run in Smart Mode, it’s a bit noisy, but it’s a white noise, and it has a sleep mode, which is virtually silent.

We don’t really have a problem with pet odors, since I scoop Allegra’s box pretty much as soon as she leaves a deposit, so I tested it with cooking odors. If you’ve read my air purifier reviews before, you know that’s always the deciding factor for me, because I can’t stand smelling my meals for hours after I’ve made them. The UAH Pet air purifier performed exceptionally well for quickly eliminating cooking odors, so I think it would work equally well if not better for pet odors, since that’s what it’s designed for.


I can’t really speak to it’s ability to capture fur. I haven’t run it long enough, plus, Allegra barely sheds. She’s on a raw diet, which reduces shedding, and I brush her every day. My experience with other air purifiers has been that they greatly reduce the need to dust, so I’m pretty sure this one will live up to its promise to not only reduce dust, but also cat hair.

This air purifier is a work horse and its well thought out, sturdy design should last for many  years.

For more information and to purchase, please visit The UAH Pet air purifier is also available from Amazon.

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3 Comments on Review: UAH Pet Air Purifier

  1. Hi Ingrid, I’m currently looking for a high quality air filter, mainly for capturing litter dust for my cats health and their floating hair for my allergies, lol. My eyeballs are terribly allergic to them both! Of course it doesn’t help when I pet them then rub my eyes which is often, I never learn. Anyway, I’ll dig my eyeballs out before I give up having cats and wanted to ask you, out of the 3 air filters you listed in this article, (2 were linked at the bottom of the page) which did you like the best and why? I’m thinking I will try one of these 3 and see how they work for my situation.

    I also wanted to ask, in regards to allergies and pet hair/dander. I was told once by a vet that it’s not hair or dander people are allergic too, it’s the pets saliva. It makes sense if you realize they lick their fur then you pet them. Is that true from what you know?


    • Yes, it is correct that it’s not the cat’s fur that causes allergies in some people, but rather, a protein, Fel d1, that is found in the cat’s saliva.

      This UAH Pet air purifier was designed specifically for people with allergies, so it would probably be a good choice for you. Unfortunately, the other air purifiers I have and reviewed in the past are no longer available since that brand no longer exists, but this line of air purifiers looks like exact replicas of the air purifiers I have in my home now:

      You may also want to read this post, and try the product mentioned. It worked miracles for a friend’s wife who was severely allergic to cats:

  2. This air purifier sounds really good. I like that it is designed to control pet odors. I also like the idea that it might pet fur and dust.

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