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If you love cats and enjoy the occasional cocktail, Shaken Not Purred is the book for you. But even if, like me, you don’t drink, you’re going to enjoy this little book just for the clever cocktail names and adorable illustrations.

Meowgarita, anyone? How about a Mog Island Mice Tea? Or a Feline Colada?

From the publisher:

In this book you’ll find over 60 delicious cocktails which range from variations on the classics to new and unusual recipes based on your favorite cat breeds. To enjoy alongside your beverage, there are ideas for moggy-themed games, famous kitty trivia, insights into different breeds, and more cat-centric information than you can shake a laser pointer at.


The book also has a section for “mogtails,” and I’m all over that. The Pink Panther sounds like the purrfect summer drink to me (watermelon and lemon juice with soda water,) as does the Mewjit-no. Alcohol-free mojitoes are my absolute favorite mocktail.


But what really makes this book are the illustrations. There is not a single page in this book that didn’t make me smile.

This book makes a wonderful gift for the cat lover and cocktail enthusiast in your life.

Shaken Not Purred is available from Amazon.


Images provided by the publisher and used with permission

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