Hi everyone! Today, I get to brag a little about myself!

Those of you who’ve known me for a while may remember that I used to be really scared of loud noises and storms. It wasn’t just thunderstorms that scared me – even a heavy rain storm would make me run for one of my safe places.

I have a bunch of those. My favorite one is behind the shower curtain in the downstairs bathroom. It’s dark and safe down there, and I can’t hear the sound of the rain on the roof or against the windows. I also like to hide inside the kitchen cabinets (and before Mom discovered that hiding place, I scared her really badly when she couldn’t find me anywhere in the house one day).

I know Mom always felt bad for me when I got scared, and she tried everthing she could think of to help me. She would sit with me and pet me. She would do Reiki on me. She used to give me magic water twice a day (Ingrid’s note: I gave her Safe Space for Cats by Spirit Essences), and all of that helped. Gradually, I started being a little less scared.

I also used to be afraid of the trash trucks going by the house, and they don’t bother me at all anymore. In fact, now when I hear them coming, I run to the window and watch them go by. Take that, trash truck! It got to where I didn’t even need the magic water on a regular basis anymore, I was that brave!

When a storm is coming, Mom still gives me magic water (Ingrid’s note: I give her Stress Stopper by Spirit Essences). Even though I’m not as scared as I used to, I still prefer to hang out in our basement during storms. That way, I’m closer to my hiding place. Just in case.

This past Sunday, we had a bad rain storm. It rained hard all day long. It hadn’t rained in so long, I’d almost forgotten what it was like, and at first, I headed for the basement and my safe place down there. But then I realized something: I wasn’t afraid anymore! So instead, I spent most of the day on one of my most favorite napping spots: a big silver box on a shelf in our living room. It’s nice and warm, and it hums a little bit – just the purrfect place for a nice long nap.


It’s good not to be afraid anymore! But I’d much prefer sunny spots every day, and I don’t understand why Mom can’t just make the bad weather go away. I mean, she can do everything else. She can even open the refrigerator!

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  1. gotta tell ya Allegra…to me…the skill of opening the refrigerator is the most IMPORTANT skill of all!

    Guess what? I’m not afraid of thunderstorms ONE BIT! Nope! Not me!

    My doggy brother is though…go figure!

  2. You’ve come a long way Allegra. Congratulations on becoming so brave.
    My cats have overcome a lot of fears. The only thing they are afraid of now is the vet’s office. Ingrid, would your spirits work for that? We’re considering trying a vet who makes house calls. I like our current vet but I don’t want to put my boys through the stress of getting there and waiting to be seen by the doctor

    Deborah Julian
    Original Cat Art Designs

  3. Hi Allegra,

    I’m Lucy. I’m afraid of everything. My mom doesn’t use spray on me but I’m afraid she might after reading this oopsie. I have my safe spot under the bed. My lil sis Rikki is not scared of anything maybe because she was not an actual stray cat like me. She was born in a pet hospital and mom adopted her right away. I admire your bravery maybe someday I’ll get to be that way,too.

  4. Good for you Allegra not being afraid any more. I still get upset when there’s thunder and when the UPS guy comes up our driveway or when the doorbell rings BUT I know where to go when that happens and I only hide for a little while. I’m proud of you and your Mom for figuring out what works best for you!!

    Kitty Hugs

  5. Benji is afraid of wind and rushes round all over the place and at the moment we are having a lot of bad weather. Ingrid would you recommend using those hollisic treatment for that I try to take hi an talk and carress him but he is s up tight?

    Have a wonderful day

    Sue and Benji

  6. I used to be afraid of storms too. That was when I lived in Virginia and HH wasn’t home during the day. I got over my fears when we moved to Florida and HH worked at home. Then, when she didn’t act scared of a storm, I started ignoring them too.

    Have a great day.

    pawhugs, Max

    • I think the fact that I’m home with Allegra has made a big difference in how relatively quickly she’s been able to overcome her fears, Max.

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