Hi everyone, it’s Ruby! Guess what! There’s not going to be a Mews and Nips today, because something much more important is happening today: it’s my birthday! I’m nine years old today! Mom still calls me her kitten, but I think she better start treating me like the mature cat I’ve become. I’m all grown up!

Allegra: You know, maybe some of our readers would rather get the week’s highlights like they usually do on Saturday. They might not appreciate you taking over the blog!

Ruby: Oh Allegra, of course they won’t mind. They all love me because I’m so cute and special, and today, I’m the birthday princess!

Allegra: You’re special alright…

Ruby: blows raspberry at Allegra. Hey, you better be nice to me, or you’re not going to get any of my tuna cake. There is going to be tuna cake, right?

This photo was taken the day I came home!

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34 Comments on Ruby’s Reflections: It’s my 9th Birthday!

  1. The birthday girl says thank you for all the wishes! She had a great birthday. There were plenty of sun puddles. cuddles with Mom, playtime with her sister, and yes, there was tuna!

  2. Happy 9th Birthday, Ruby! You truly are a beautiful birthday princess, and I hope you got your tuna cake..I always enjoy seeing pictures of you and your sister doing “cat” things, that entertain us all..I hope you have many more happy, healthy birthdays!!

  3. I couldn’t end the day without wishing the most prescious gem of the Tortie cats, none other than ‘Ruby’ a very special ninth year birthday greeting. Happy, Happy Birthday Ruby. May you have many more, and I hope all of them shower you with many hugs and kisses, many presents, and of course your most special food in the world ‘Tuna Cake’. I will always love you!

  4. Happy birthday Ruby!

    My cats are growing up too, and I hate it. I want them to stay my kittens for the rest of their lives.

    But I also love that they’re adults. It’s exciting to see how they’ve matured.

  5. Happy Birthday, Ruby!
    Beautiful as a kitten and as a mature woman.
    And kudos, Ingrid, for your care of your beauties: Look at the gorgeous, healthy coat on the mature Ruby!
    Maybe you could do a feature about things that promote healthy coats? Once you get past all the tuna cake and party hats, of course….

  6. Oh, Ruby, you are such a pretty girl. You may take over anything as you like. Torties like you are special and as with my Tortie, I have crowned her the Queen. Whatever you want is yours. As you can see, I don’t spoil my baby much, do I?

    I hope you have a spectacular birthday, Ruby, and I hope your tuna cake is yummy. (I can’t help but have a little gag in my throat as I type that.)


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