I am so grateful to have eight years of Ruby’s Reflections to look back on, even though of course, eight years isn’t nearly enough. We don’t realize how quickly we can forget the small, everyday things after we lose a loved one. It’s one of the many reasons why I encourage people to journal after they lose a cat and write down as many memories as they can. Capturing memories while they’re fresh in our minds is a precious gift to ourselves.

Today’s memory goes back to June 2011. Ruby had been with us for about three months. We had just gotten a crinkle tunnel and the girls had a lot of fun with it – until one day, when the tunnel seemingly took on a life of its own.

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10 Comments on Remembering Ruby: That Time When the Girls Had a Tunnel Adventure

  1. Precious memories. I love reading about Ruby, even if I end up a little teary-eyed. Thank you for sharing, Ingrid. Ruby was such a beautiful girl!

  2. Precious. I love reading these memories, even if I am left a teary-eyed. Thank you for sharing, Ingrid. Ruby was a beautiful girl.

  3. I always love remembering Ruby! When I think of her, ‘tuna cake’ comes to my mind; she made it
    famous. I’m sure wherever Ruby is, it’s probably sunny and bright with soft places to take a nap and fun filled items to investigate. And of course there must be tuna cake, somewhere.

  4. One of the reasons my human loves my blog is that it’s a record of my life with her from even before I came home. And also Binga and Boodie and Sparkle.

  5. I love reading Remembering Ruby. it’s so nice to hear about her life with you. This one in particular reminded me of the tunnel adventure in our house. My little one, Ell, loved the crinkle tunnel but her bigger sister wasn’t happy with it at all. Who knew that the bigger kitty would be the one scared of everything. Ell would deliberately go into the tunnel and jump around and her sister would run from the room. My brave Ell went OTRB in December. I like your idea of journaling so I’ve been writing down my memories of her life.

  6. I enjoy Remembering Ruby! We are connected to our cats in many ways. Please, keep posting memories of Ruby.

    Thanks, for the memories!


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