Some days, even almost two years later, I still miss my little girl so much, it feels like she just left me yesterday. I’m grateful I have eight years of Ruby’s Reflections on this site to comfort me and remind me of some of the cute things she did when the pain hits, and I love sharing the memories with you.

A couple of weeks ago, I shared how Ruby used to sleep curled up against me. This week, we’ll take a look back to October 2013, when Ruby and Allegra had a spirited discussion about their sleeping arrangements.

Read Allegra and Ruby Discuss Sleeping Arrangements for the full conversation.

8 Comments on Remembering Ruby: That Time When Ruby and Allegra Discussed Sleeping Arrangements

  1. These memories are so dearly precious. My heart always aches to read them, but they are so beautiful and so important to cherish. Thank you for sharing them, Ingrid.

  2. I love your memorable pictorials of both Ruby and Allegra; it seems like it was just yesterday but time passes so quickly. However, our memories of those we loved and still love stay in our hearts and mind forever, making us laugh, smile and love again. Thanks Ingrid!

  3. This is such a wonderful post. My girls have always slept with me, too. The first cats I had who slept with me were 2 kitties that I was looking after for a friend who was out of town for an extended period. My friend didn’t tell me that the cats usually slept with them and for the first week, the cats were hiding from us because they were in a strange place.

    Well, after I tried to rearrange the blanket on a chair in the living room, only to find that there was a Siamese cat UNDER the blanket, things changed. First, H let me know that he was quite indignant at being disturbed. Joey, the other cat, was still hiding behind the sofa. So that night when I went up to bed, there was a Siamese cat yelling from the bottom of the stairs. I had no idea what was going on but it was certainly loud and made sleeping impossible. I opened the door and H disappeared! The next night, once more the door was closed and this time, H was standing outside the door, yanking on it with a paw and yelling at the top of his voice. I opened the door asking ” what is the matter?” and the cat vanished downstairs again!

    I contacted my friend and he said “oh did we forget to tell you?” That night we left the bedroom door open and H got on the bed – still keeping his distance but on the bed and quiet. A few nights later, I woke up to find H had crawled under the covers and was asleep in my arms and Joey was sleeping at the end of the bed. That’s the way it stayed until their humans came home from their trip and reclaimed them.

    After they left, we realized how empty the house was without them so we adopted two of our own. The girls have slept with me every night. E, who passed away in December, wanted to lay as close to my face as possible. L prefers to curl up on the middle of my back or on my legs. I miss my velcro girl but I’m grateful to still have her sister and the memories of cuddling together.

  4. Thank You for sharing a wonderful Memory of Ruby. Sorry for your ‍⬛ Loss.
    A happy nights sleep is with cats on the bed. None of us enjoy the middle of the night litter box use.

  5. Two years isn’t that long Ingrid. I think there will always be that part of you that expects to see her in her favorite spot.

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