Hi everyone, it’s Allegra! I want to tell you about a toy that appears at my house every now and then, only to go away just as quickly.

Whenever I hear mom open a jar or other container that has one of those crinkly plastic seals, I come running into the kitchen! It doesn’t matter where in the house I may have been, or whether I was fast asleep, because to me, that sound is just simply irresistible!

Mom usually lets me have the plastic, and some of these plastic thingies are super cool because they’re really long and like a spiral. She tosses them for me and dangles them for me to bat at.

Sometimes, I grab one and run away with it, but Mom always follows me. She never lets me out of her sight when I play with them.

Sadly, those play session always end very quickly, because Mom takes the thing away from me as soon as I start chewing on it. Doesn’t she know that that’s the most fun part of all in this game?

I know, I know. She doesn’t want me to swallow pieces of plastic and she takes it away from me to keep me safe, but it’s still such a bummer! At least she always tosses another toy for me right away so I can keep playing, even though it’s not quite the same.

Kitties, do you like playing with plastic crinkly seals?

A note from Ingrid: Allegra has always been fascinated with anything plastic. I have to keep plastic bags out of her reach. She also likes to chew on rubber flip flops. There are several theories as to why so many cats love plastic, one of them being that fish oil is used in the manufacture of some plastics. Regardless of why cats are attracted to plastic, never leave them unsupervised with plastic bags or anything else made from plastic that they could ingest.

10 Comments on Allegra and the Crinkly Plastic Seal

  1. I’m Molly and my favorite non-toy, toy, is the caps off of water bottles. They are grest fun to bat around the floor and I have even learned how to retrieve them so my parents can keep tossing them to me. They say I’m a great outfielder, whatever that means !

  2. Allegra, you devilish cat, you probably have tons of amazing toys, and you want to play with a plastic cap seal. Your mom is only looking out for your safety, maybe she can find you a similar toy. Have fun Allegra, and always remember, safety comes first. Love both of you.

  3. Hi Allegra,
    My mom won’t let have plastic bands to play with. I have some felt twisty toys and some cool bouncy balls that I play with during the middle of the night dropping them on the stairs and have them bounce, bounce, bounce down the stairs. Then I bring it back up the stairs and do it again. My mom likes hearing that and smiles.
    All the best and stay safe,

  4. This made me laugh as my son has a cat that adores these. She will drag it around with her all day and then bring it to bed to keep him awake all night. It’s so cute to see cats enjoy something so much.

  5. Margaret Cat here. I’m super curious and always on the lookout for new things to bat around with my paws. I like to see how they move, fall or toss. I also like to carry the new things around to test their movement in different places, going down the stairs for example. Mom keeps an eye on me to make sure the new things are safe, so I let her decide. It feels good to know she looks out for me. Have fun with your crinkly wrapper game!

  6. That’s my favorite kind of plastic too. My meowmy also takes it away when I chew on it. She says she doesn’t want it to end up in my tummy, but I know my tummy wants it in there. ………Kiki………

  7. Grayson & Milo are the same! I let them play for bit, have to take away. Milo like to chew on anything plastic. Can be a battle.

  8. Hi Allegra, my mum washes milk bottle tops and let’s me play football with them in the hall, on the hard tiles. They don’t skim along so well on a carpet. My mum doesn’t use plastic carrier bags, only long life canvas ones. But I love diving into them each week and helping her, when she’s been shopping. I’m sure she appreciates it.

  9. I’m shocked to learn that fish oil is used to make plastics. That’s another thing to remember when cat-proofing any room. My two cats love to make noise. Winston was declawed before I got him. He likes to walk on materials that make noise. Dawn, who has her claws, likes to rip the dining room chairs and, often, destroy my wicker ham;per. Hamper destruction is very noisy!

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