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I’m not much of party girl, so New Year’s Eve has always been a quiet day of reflection for me. I look back over the past year, and set some intentions for the coming year. If you’re going out to celebrate, please be safe.

2022 was an eventful year for us. In September, I launched this website after making the decision to sell The Conscious Cat. Letting go of something I put my heart and soul into for more than 13 years was not an easy decision. I’d be lying if I said I haven’t had second thoughts occasionally over the last few months, but ultimately, it was the right choice for me. Allegra is quite pleased that I have more time to play with her, and especially that I’m finally learning to relax more – like a cat, she says!

I’m grateful that so many of you stuck with me through this transition, and that you’re continuing on our journey with us here on Purrs of Wisdom.

As we look toward 2023, and as I’m thinking about intentions for the coming year, I’m realizing that if this year has taught me anything, fraught as it was with the continuing pandemic, a slew of natural disasters, wars and division, it’s that you need to treasure every moment you have with your loved ones, because you never know when it’s all going to change. And maybe that’s the only intention we need for 2023: live in the moment, and hold your loved ones close.

I wish you a safe and Happy New Year’s Eve and a very Happy New Year.

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22 Comments on Have a Safe and Happy New Year’s Eve

  1. Happy New Year Ingrid & Allegra. Hope 2023 is happy and healthy and brings you both much joy, peace, and happiness!

    Gloria & Angel Theo

  2. this was perfect Ingrid. “Live in the moment” I couldn’t agree more. We are having a low key New Years Eve, going to my sister in laws house, just me, Lenny and possibly one of our cousins. I normally don’t like to go anywhere but if I do go out I prefer small, quiet gatherings. Wishing you a peaceful New Year’s Eve and a happy, healthy, prosperous and peaceful 2023!! xoxo

  3. Also spending a quiet new year with my two cats, fritz and Felix.
    Warm weather here the 50s
    Wishing you a blessed peaceful New Year……and Allegra too.
    So glad to be part of this feline community..
    RE. Books, I just found this delightful one second hand .for $1
    “Meditations For Cats who do too much”
    Learning to take things one life at a time….
    By Michael Cader

  4. Happy New Year 2023 to you Ingrid and Allegra for a healthy, safe and prosperous year! I love all of your articles and all of your poster pic’s. I especially love the ‘Happy New Year’ pic of 2019 that says ‘Don’t drink and drive’, she will never know why you did not come home’. I copied this to put on my screen. So, touching and true. Love you and Allegra and may your ‘Ruby’ enjoy the other kitties jumping and playing in Heaven.

  5. We love you Ingrid, and appreciate your wisdom, knowledge, and love for our feline companions. YOU are a master teacher. And we love your lessons!

  6. Happy New Year to you both!! I pray that you & Allegra gave a Healthy and Happy New Year. Thankyou Ingrid for all you do!!

  7. Ingrid and Allegra, I am wishing the both of you a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year! Thank you for all you have given us on this site.
    Hugs to you both,
    Theresa and Tasa

  8. Ingrid, We wish for you and yours a happy, safe, healthy and prosperous new year. We continue to do for our “kids” what they will let us do.

    From our house to yours; Happy New Year.

    Cayce House of Cats

  9. Ingrid,

    Have enjoyed being with you & Allegra on both of your websites. Look forward to another year of “Purrs of Wisdom”. Wise words on the current post. Both have a healthy & happy 2023!

    Grayson, Milo, Hamish & Nan

  10. Although I love to celebrate, I’m not a party girl either much preferring a quieter atmosphere. The older I get the simpler my New Years Eve reflections, resolutions and intentions become. I pulled your book “Purrs of Wisdom” out yesterday and was reading. It’s one of my favorite books with good reminders for bringing in the New Year! I’m grateful, glad and contented to be here for the transition from Conscious Cat to Purrs of Wisdom. Here’s a wish for a Happy and Healthy New Year 2023!

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