Sunday Purrs

Sunday Quotes: Choose Love


Whenever I get bogged down in the energy of worry and fear, which unfortunately happens on an almost daily basis in this challenging year, I remind myself that I can choose to shift my energy – but it’s not an easy task these days.

Sometimes, just looking at Allegra sleep in a sun puddle will shift my energy to a better place, but sometimes, I need a little more than that. A recent meditation created by Katie Krimitsos of the Women’s Meditation Network has helped me tremendously. It’s only 10 minutes long, so you can listen to it at just about any point in your day when you feel the need to shift your energy. Click here to access the Choose More Love Meditation.

I encourage you to check out all of the meditations offered on Katie’s website. They’ve been sanity savers for me these last few months.

What helps you shift your energy from fear to love?

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Sunday Quotes: Uncertainty


If you feel like you might just lose what’s left of your mind some days, you’re not alone. Uncertainty, combined with all the bad news out there, can send our thoughts spiraling out of control into apocalyptic territory. It’s hard not to be fearful all the time.Continue Reading

Sunday Quotes: A Voice for Peace


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We’ve all been stressed and anxious for a very long time, and we just made it through what was arguably one of the most exhausting weeks in US history. We’ll need to remember to be kind to each other in the coming days and weeks and months, because despite our differences, even if they seem extreme, we are all human beings. It’s time to focus on peace and healing.Continue Reading

Sunday Quotes: Chaos and Stillness


It’s hard to maintain one’s center when the world around us is getting more insane every day. Today, I’d like to share something Mitra Rahbar, a spiritual teacher, healer and poet, posted on Facebook the other day.  I printed it out, because I find that I need to be reminded to disconnect from the madness when I find that my anxiety is edging off the charts.Continue Reading

Sunday Quotes: Don’t Give Up


If I had a dollar for every meme I’ve seen about 2020 being the worst year ever, I’d be starting to accumulate a small fortune. Some of them are wickedly funny, but while I’ve been guilty of sharing some of the better ones on social media, I’m starting to think that maybe we need to change our thinking about this year. Continue Reading

Sunday Quotes: Darkness and Light


It’s hard these days to not sink into despair at the state of the world, but focusing on gloom and doom scenarios has never helped anyone and only makes things worse. We may not be able to control much, but we can control our thoughts, so why not choose light-filled, positive thoughts?Continue Reading

Sunday Quotes: Noise


I found this week utterly draining, and I found that much of my exhaustion came from letting too much noise in. Social media noise, headline noise, email noise, text noise, you name it, there’s just too much of it.Continue Reading

Sunday Quotes: Unshakeable


Don’t you wish you could remain balanced and step through these turbulent times with the kind of confidence the kitty in the photo above displays? Becoming unshakeable in the middle of the storm that life has turned into is becoming more and more challenging, but it’s something worth striving for.Continue Reading

Sunday Quotes: Discovery


A common theme in conversations about how people are coping with the pandemic seems to be that we’re all discovering new things – and for most of us, that’s hopefully one of the good things coming out of these challenging times. Continue Reading