Allegra’s World

Allegra and The Snowflakes


Hi everyone, it’s Allegra! We had some fun here earlier this week – we got snow! Mom had been talking about being sad about not having had any for a while, and I could tell how happy she was when we woke up Monday morning and it was snowing really hard.Continue Reading

Allegra and the Maple Tree


If you’ve read this blog for a number of years, you’ve heard me talk about the maple tree outside my bedroom window and how much it means to me. We planted it when we first moved into this house, more than 37 years ago now. I’ve watched it grow into a beautiful, mature tree. This tree has been with me through a lot of life – through both joyful and challenging times. Each fall, it’s one of the last trees to turn. It used to turn the most incredibly bright, vibrant red. When the light was just right, my entire bedroom was infused with a red glow from the tree.Continue Reading

Allegra’s Health: An Update


As most of you know, Allegra was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism in January. She has also had some issues with overgrooming. She is currently taking Methimazole for her thyroid, and very low dose of Prednisolone, a steroid, to calm down the itchiness that was causing her to overgroom. She has been doing extremely well on both medications, but of course, she now needs regular bloodwork to monitor her thryoid and kidney function. Continue Reading

Allegra’s World: The Getaway Weekend


Hi everyone, it’s Allegra! I want to tell you about my weekend! You see, Mom went away for three days for what  she said was a “much needed getaway.” I don’t know why she needs to get away, because I think our life here is just purrfect, but I do understand that humans sometimes need a change of scenery.Continue Reading